Focal 529102-SPOH Spirit One Headphones Best Offer

Focal 529102-SPOH Spirit One Headphones Best Offer

Now available Focal 529102-SPOH Spirit One Headphones right now.

 Focal 529102-SPOH Spirit One Headphones  Best Offer

FEATURED : Focal 529102-SPOH Spirit One Headphones

  1. Sealed-back, Circumaural Design .
  2. 40mm Sculpted Cavity Mylar Titanium Diaphragm.
  3. Modular Single sided, acoustically damped signal cable with integrated microphone & made for iPhone, iPod, iPad controls.
  4. Comfort-Fit Aluminum Framed Pentagraph Headband Design with Gimbaled Earcups.
  5. Fully Accessorized (Hard Case, Travel bag, Airplane Adaptor, 1/8 to 1/4 Jack Adaptor) .

Designed for the discriminating listener who demands the finest personal sound experience possible; Focal’s new Spirit One headphone combines space age materials, 32-years of acoustic industry leadership, and a dash of French design flair to create a luxury experience sure to delight your senses. With its aluminum billet “Made for iPhone telephony controls and clear sound microphone capsule located on its acoustically damped modular signal cable, you’ll hear perfect telephone conversations from both cups, as well as world class musical fidelity thanks to 40mm sculpted mylar-titanium driver elements. Sold with an attractive hard case, cloth bag and a full compliment of accessories, and backed by a two-year parts and labor warranty, your Spirit One will become your trusted travel companion for years to come. Listening to your music everywhere in your everyday environment, it’s now possible. Focal-JMlab has the solution to bring a quality sound in any room in your home (living-room, bedroom, Hall, kitchen etc.), in your garden, in your car or in your professional studio. Innovation is pushing the envelope. Focal permanently invents new solutions to integrate a hifi quality sound whatever the conditions, in-wall, on-wall or in-ceiling loudspeakers. And everything becomes possible. Since 1979, Focal-JMlab is one of the world leaders of the High End acoustic loudspeakers. 30 years to fight our values, to keep our production in France and to stand up for the idea of a luxury à la française. Innovation, tradition, be the world’s best in everything we create for your pleasure, that’s Focal philosophy; the Spirit of Sound.

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