Best Price Phiaton MS 400 Carbon Fiber Headphones Review

Best Price Phiaton MS 400 Carbon Fiber Headphones Review

Now available Phiaton MS 400 Carbon Fiber Headphones information and reviews.

Best Price Phiaton MS 400 Carbon Fiber Headphones  Review

FEATURED : Phiaton MS 400 Carbon Fiber Headphones

  1. Carbon fiber enclosure for high quality audio
  2. Optimized airflow delivers concert hall sound quality
  3. Closed-ear design promotes greater noise reduction
  4. Flexible ‘fold and go’ design comes with Compact carrying case for easy travel
  5. 3.5mm standard gold plated & 6.3mm Stereo adaptor plug

Phiaton MS400 Premium Carbon Fiber Headphones. The name Phiaton signifies high quality sound technology combined with elegant design a philosophy that’s epitomized in the MS 400 Moderna Series of headphones. An attention-getting design is backed up by luxurious audio performance that stands apart. An oversized adjustable padded headband and richly-padded earcups that swivel up to 180 degrees set a new standard in listening comfort. The bold styling, opulent accents, and world-class sonic performance of the MS 400 captures every nuance of your favorite music, delivering it the way it was meant to be heard. Designed to tease out subtle sonic nuances, the Phiaton MS 400 is constructed with a carbon fiber enclosure. Carbon fiber combines the properties of extreme strength and remarkably light weight, making it the ideal material for the MS 400 headphone’s design. This light, durable quality and modern aesthetic appeal explain why carbon fiber can be found in luxury automobiles, watches and other high-end products. Phiaton takes the concept a step further by encasing the carbon in a high-polymer enclosure. This advanced construction also provides an optimized airflow for the 40mm electrostatic drivers. Taken together, these qualities give the listener better resonance, rich bass, full-bodied midrange, and sparkling high notes. The Phiaton MS 400 sports an eye-catching design and luxurious high-end audio performance. It’s an adrenaline rush of sleek, bold styling will make a statement anywhere you go. The MS 400 headphone’s soft, comfortable pads can be worn for long periods of time without fatigue, making them ideal for commuting and air travel. You will instantly feel the noise isolating performance as the ultra-soft pads seal around your ear, wrapping you in your favorite music. The lightweight MS 400 lets you enjoy your music wherever you are, no matter if it’s at home, in the office, or on the go. These lightweight, highly wearable “fold and go” headphones

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